Christmas Shopping

Has everyone got their Christmas shopping done?

In the UK it should be a lot cheaper now the January sales have been brought forward by a month.

I wish I could pay for the Christmas Shopping with brass washers.



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What on earth were the chief execs of the “Detriot Three” thinking when they flew into town in their corporate jets?

If you are coming with cap in hand then eat some humble pie and get folks on your side, don’t bite the hand that is about to feed you, you could end up going hungry.

Why does it appear that some chief execs seem to lose all common sense the higher  they climb the career ladder?

Please remind me if I ever get to that position of trust within a company, where the ground is incase I get too far ahead of myself.

At least someone whispered in their collective ears and told them to tone down their  next entrance by a few thousand percent.

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Human brain, lateral view
Image by EUSKALANATO via Flickr

I have been reading several blogs on a regular basis that discuss the Human Brain and how it can help shape you as a person and what you are likely to do with your life depending upon your mindset and what chemicals the brain is producing.

I learnt a lot from the blogs that I have read, apologies if I cannot remember any of them off hand at the time of writing this entry.

I’m sure you will let me know in the comments which blogs I might be referring to.

I came across a blog that said that in similar words “Your brain cannot process negatives” for example if you tell your self “I’m NOT going to be late” or “I’m NOT going to forget to buy that item”, your brain is likely to drop the word NOT from the process so you end up being late or you end up forgetting that item.

The forgetting item bit happened to me earlier this week because I used those exact words.

So what I would like to know is “Why the doesn’t the human brain process negatives?”.

Over to you in the comments.

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This an update to my earlier post.

Just had a quick look at the BBC News site and it has been confirmed that interest rates have been cut from 3% to 2%, the lowest rate since 1951 according to the site.

It is great news for those with mortgages as the banks will be forced to pass the cut to their customers. However as usual this is bad news for savers.

If you have a few quid under the matress now I feel is the time to start looking at alternative investments. Check out my previous post about considering antiques as an alternative place to put your money into.

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Are you getting a letter from Captial One stating that you are in arrears in your account?

This may come as a surprise to some of us because for one reason or another our accounts never actually reached the stage of becoming a full credit card account,which to me means that the account was never opened.

I had the same letter about 2 or 3 months ago, I phoned them up immediately and asked them what was going on? They told me that all of the people in this category had accidentally made their way on the main mailing list and told me to ignore the letter it was being sorted.

Well it seems that this isn’t the case, I’m not going to phone them this time, I am just going to ignore the letter as advised the first time I had received such a letter. If it does escalate any further then I will be calling them.

It has also got me thinking, if you’ve never opened your credit card account, why do they have an account number and still have your details on their systems? Is it some sort of mandatory regulation they have to comply with, let me know in the comments.

Has anyone else received such a letter? Again let me know in the comments.

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Just read on the Reuters news site that after todays MPC (Monetary Policy Committee) meeting we could see interest rates at their lowest level for over half a century. Some are predicting we could end up with interest rates close to zero and could remain there for sometime.

The BBC news site is reporting that business leaders and economists have called for the one percent cut to two percent.

It seems they’re looking back to Japan in 1990 when they cut their interest rates to zero to resuscitate their economy.

Lets see what 2009 brings.