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Not as good as my last review as I’m a little tired, more like my personal thoughts.

Another good episode from the guys over at FullSignull.

I definitely agree that Arnold Schwarzeneggers movies leave a lot to be desired, especially his latest ones before he became Governor of California.

Trevor do not take your life into your own hands when you say you are no longer interested in World Of Warcraft, there are some scary looking players out there 😀

I remember Jeff Blazyncksi from the days of “Jazz Jack Rabbit” they used to turn out some great games in the 90s. When you guys confirmed that Microsoft worked with Epic, the link was confirmed in my mind.

Way too brief on the mention of World of Warcraft, cater to the masses that tune in guys 😉

What is wrong with the British accent? We don’t drop our H’s and T’s you’ll find the cockneys do that. 😉

When you mentioned Fable 2 it seemed to strike some similarities to World of Warcraft (trying to cram in as many WoW references as I can 😉 ).

The buying condoms bit really made me laugh.

The play out music was excellent.

Keep up the good work.

Looking forward to giving my thoughts on Episode 6 and 6.5

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I managed to stay awake for the whole game which was good, you folks might be thinking how can you find it difficult to stay awake at 8pm? I’ll answer that question straight away. I’m not a US citizen I live in the UK which is 5 hours ahead so that would make game time 1am so you see I’ve already had a full day by the time the game rolls around. Ok enough about that.

This was not a very interesting game there were some good moments, the talking point was some of the refereeing decisions, I though football (soccer) refs were bad. These guys took the biscuit, a couple of dubious calls were made.

I don’t really know that much about the semantics of the game so sorry if my initial review appears to be rubbish, trust me they will get better with time as I start to enjoy the intricacies of NFL a little more.

I might be able to catch tonights game if I can stay awake.

Until the next review.

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I’m not really a gamer, however I did enjoy the whole episode that was mainly dedicated to current up and coming games. It was nice and easy to listen to had a very good flow to it. They are really passionate about their subject material so much a few F-bombs did creep in.

These guys really know what they are talking about. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

Keep up the good work guys.

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