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Can you believe it? It’s the last day of November already. Where has this month gone?

You can tell we are coming up to December, the cold and the frost is really starting to take hold and a few extra layers of clothes are added to brave the elements.

This has been another month of drudgery for me jobwise and financial wise, however lately I’ve been looking on the bright side of life, I still have my health and the ability to go out and look for jobs even if it doesn’t bear fruit.

Tell me what have you done in November?


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I saw an article online the other day about alternative investments that will give you a better ROI (Return On Investment) than a savings account with a bank or a pension.

This has me thinking about another kind of alternative investment and that is Antiques. Antiques mostly grow in value as they get older so I think their value isn’t affected by the current financial crisis, you just have pick the right time to sell to a dealer or to an auction house.

So over to you in the comments.

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Not as good as my last review as I’m a little tired, more like my personal thoughts.

Another good episode from the guys over at FullSignull.

I definitely agree that Arnold Schwarzeneggers movies leave a lot to be desired, especially his latest ones before he became Governor of California.

Trevor do not take your life into your own hands when you say you are no longer interested in World Of Warcraft, there are some scary looking players out there 😀

I remember Jeff Blazyncksi from the days of “Jazz Jack Rabbit” they used to turn out some great games in the 90s. When you guys confirmed that Microsoft worked with Epic, the link was confirmed in my mind.

Way too brief on the mention of World of Warcraft, cater to the masses that tune in guys 😉

What is wrong with the British accent? We don’t drop our H’s and T’s you’ll find the cockneys do that. 😉

When you mentioned Fable 2 it seemed to strike some similarities to World of Warcraft (trying to cram in as many WoW references as I can 😉 ).

The buying condoms bit really made me laugh.

The play out music was excellent.

Keep up the good work.

Looking forward to giving my thoughts on Episode 6 and 6.5

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As my twitter followers know, I have tweeted a few times about a boomark folder I have set up called “stuff to look at later”. It contains all of the interesting headlines of articles or interesting sites that I would like to take the time to look at, at a later date.

Have you ever gone back through your bookmarks a few days later and ask yourself “Why did I bookmark that site?” I think that when you are on twitter you tend to go into auto pilot and you end up bookmarking most of the links tweeted and then when you go back you cannot think of a valid reason why you’ve bookmarked a certain site.

No disrespect to those who have tweeted the link, they are of the opinion that the site they have linked could interest someone else. This past week I’ve started to learn to filter out what is of genuine interst to me.

So over to you in the comments have you ever asked yourself the question “Why did I bookmark that site?”

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This is a post to you Jeremy, do you have a twitter account? If so we would love to follow you (well I would if no one else does).

You brighten up our Sunday Evenings with your straight talking no nonsense style and you would brighten up the twitter community.

Just in case you haven’t got an account you can sign up here:


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I am sure most of you will have heard the phrase “blowing your own trumpet”.

For those of you that don’t it is when you take the opportunity to promote yourself, to tell everyone about something great that you have accomplished.

I find it difficult to do this, I feel uncomfortable as I think I would come across as being arrogant and no-one would want to speak to me again. I should really stop worrying about what others think and start doing things for my own benefit not because the nay sayers wouldn’t approve.

Do you like to “blow your own trumpet” or not. Let me know in the comments.

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I have asked this question on twitter and thought that I’d post it here as well to catch anyone that might not using twitter.

What do you have as your homepage and why?

For years I have had google as my homepage as I tend to do quite a bit of searching on the internet.

So over to you feel free to post in the comments below or reply to me on twitter @wizard1974uk

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